Cheap Tow Truck Dallas

Cheap Tow Truck Dallas

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Looking For A Cheap Tow Truck?

Looking For A Cheap Tow Truck?

At Dallas Towboys Towing, we believe that it’s important to understand the average cost of towing service. If you experience a car breakdown and need to hire a towing company, you may make a decision that is based purely on the price for the towing service. While affordable towing is something that all motorists want, in the scope of things, the cost to tow a car should not be your only concern. Yes, finding a cheap tow truck to tow your car is nice, but you must do your due diligence when deciding whether an inexpensive tow by a company that may or may not be experienced or insured is best for your situation.

Of course, if you drive a car that is already in rough condition and you don’t mind a few additional dents and dings, then by all means look for the cheapest towing rates in town. But, if you value your time, your vehicle, and your peace of mind, you may want to choose a tow company that has a reputation for providing fast, affordable, and damage-free towing services to millions of motorists traveling throughout the Dallas metro area. The team at Dallas Towboys Towing is committed to providing quality towing at affordable rates. And, if you’re involved in an accident and need accident recovery, we work with all the major insurance companies to provide fast affordable towing services.

Affordable Roadside Assistance 

If you are in the Dallas area and are looking for affordable roadside assistance services you can count on Dallas Towboys Towing. We have been providing light-duty towing, medium-duty towing, heavy-duty towing, heavy haul transport, and roadside assistance to motorists traveling in the Dallas area for more than two decades. Our history of providing, fast, efficient, and affordable roadside assistance services literally speaks for itself. Check out our reviews and you will learn why choosing Dallas Towboys Towing is the right choice for you and your family when you need towing or roadside assistance.

We understand that there’s nothing more frustrating than having your day interrupted by an engine problem. What’s worse than the feeling of your car begin to decelerate while driving down the freeway, simply because you’ve run out of gas? Or noticing that you locked your keys inside your car two seconds after you’ve shut the car door. And, even taking your hot rod out for a spin on the town only to experience a breakdown.¬† Well, the good news is, with Dallas Towboys, you don’t have to worry about outrageous pricing when it comes to roadside assistance. No, we provide prompt solutions to your vehicle problems with very affordable roadside assistance rates. We’ll unlock our car, and even provide damage free classic car towing services. So, the next time you have a flat tire, run out of gas, lock your keys inside your car, or simply need a jump-start, you know that you can always call Dallas Towboys Towing. We’re available 24 hours of every day. We’ve got your back.

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cheap tow truck Dallas

Car Over A Wall Accident Recovery

Imagine you’re driving through a car wash and come out the other side and mistakenly drive over a 10-foot tall retaining wall. Yikes, sounds scary right? If you find yourself in a precarious position with your car over a retaining wall you’re going to need a competent towing company to provide accident removal services. And, while most people don’t mind paying good money for an expert to remove your car correctly and without further damage occurring, you’re already out whatever deductible you have with your insurance company.

So, most likely, you’re going to want to have a tow business that not only possesses the expertise needed for accident recovery services but also doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg for accident removal. The good news is that the team at Dallas Towboys Towing does great accident recovery work, and the kicker is that our towing rates are very reasonably priced. So, the next time you make a bonehead move and drive over a wall, or even when you’re involved in a motor vehicle collision that isn’t your fault, do yourself and your insurance company a favor and call Dallas Towboys Towing. We’re always available to get you out of whatever mess you find yourself in.

cheap tow truck Dallas

The Cost Of Flatbed Towing

The team at Dallas Towboys Towing loves to provide flatbed towing to the residents of Dallas. And, many of our repeat customers have left raving reviews about the courteous services we provide. Many even express their gratitude at our reasonable flatbed towing rates.

When a prospective customer calls us, many ask about our flatbed towing rates. And, while the cost for towing with a flatbed is very inexpensive, the towing rate will vary based on the distance we must travel to pick up your vehicle, as well as how many miles we will need to tow your vehicle to reach its intended tow destination.

As a rule of thumb, we charge a specific amount of money to load your vehicle on our truck and a dollar amount for each mile towed. For example, the cost of a tow can be calculated by determining how many miles your vehicle will need to travel on our flatbed and then multiplying that number by $4/$5/$6 dollars. Then adding whatever our loading fee is. So, if the loading fee were $85 and the vehicle was towed 10 miles at the $5 per mile rate, the total cost of the tow would be $135. Call today for our most up to date towing rates.

Wrecker Service Rates

We all despise being impeded in our daily tasks, especially if the reason for the delay is due to being stranded with a broken-down car. And, in our more than two decades of providing towing and roadside assistance services, we’ve come to understand that one of the stressful parts of having a car breakdown is the fear of the unknown. Not knowing how much wrecker service is and not wanting to make the wrong decision of towing company when calling for towing assistance. Towing company rates for wrecker services can vary widely.

You could have one company charge you $95 for the loading fee and $6 dollars per mile, and another offer towing fees of $65 for loading and $3 per mile. That’s quite a wide discrepancy in towing rates don’t you think? Well, there may be many reasons why this discrepancy in towing rates exists.

One reason may be that the company offering the low tow rate may not be properly insured, meaning they don’t incur the same amount of expense as the higher-priced tow company’s rates. Another reason why there may seem to be a wide discrepancy in towing rates is due to the fact that some unscrupulous towing services employ bait-n-switch pricing. They’ll lure you in with a low-ball tow rate over the phone, but once they have your vehicle loaded onto their truck, they hit you with additional fees. Sometimes these fees may be labeled a “Dispatch Fee” or “Destination Fee.”

Buyer beware when calling around for tow service in the Dallas area. To ensure you are not charged exorbitant rates, call the Dallas Towboys. We have an impeccable reputation for providing reasonable priced wrecker services.

cheap tow truck Dallas
cheap tow truck Dallas

Inexpensive Roadside solutions:


When you need towing or roadside assistance, you want a tow service that will provide you those services at rates that don’t break the bank. That’s the Dallas Towboys, our motto is “We don’t charge you an arm and a leg, we just want your tows!” Witty right? We thought so too. So, when you need affordable towing, call now and you will speak with a knowledgeable tow truck company dispatcher. Call us now and receive fast roadside assistance.

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When you make a mistake and lock your keys inside your car, we suggest that you not internalize it. We are called hundreds of times every month by people who have done the same thing. Dallas Towboys will solve the problem and not even charge you an arm and a leg.

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