Cheap Towing Company Pros & Cons

Cheap Towing Company Pros & Cons

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Should You Choose A Cheap Towing Company?

Should You Choose A Cheap Towing Company

If you’re like most people, your vehicle is the second largest investment you will make, second only to your home. So, when it comes to getting your car or truck towed, it would be wise to consider the quality of the towing company you choose to tow your car.

Many folks believe that their insurance company is qualified to make the choice of tow truck service, however, the reality is that most insurance companies choose the cheapest tow company to provide service to their customers. This means that most insurance companies are more concerned with their interests rather than yours.

In order to help you make an informed decision of which tow truck business to choose, we’ve put together a few things that can go wrong and cause damage during a tow service, as well as some questions you can ask a prospective tow business.

Common Towing Mistakes

  • Scratching the paint on the bumper of your car with the bed of a tow truck, or wheel lift.
  • Damaging the paint and interior of your car when attempting to retrieve keys locked in your car.
  • Causing damage to the drive-train including the transmission because the car was towed improperly.
  • Using the wrong hook point when loading a car or truck onto a flatbed tow truck.
  • Denting a fender when attempting to tow a vehicle with a broken ball joint.
  • Causing damage to a car’s oil pan while towing it with a wheel lift.
  • Damaging your car’s electrical system due to improper jump starting procedures.
  • Pouring outdated gasoline into your gas tank when providing a gas delivery service.
Cheap Towing Company Dallas
Cheap Towing Company Dallas
Cheap Towing Company Dallas

Still Looking For Cheap Tow Trucks?

Now that we have sufficiently disturbed you by illustrating just a few of the things that can go wrong when you choose a cheap towing service, we will provide you with a few questions you should ask before calling for a tow. So, if you’re still searching for how to get your car towed for cheap, read on and learn how you should proceed when calling around for car towing, flatbed towing, or a quick tire change service.

Questions To Ask A Cheap Towing Company

  • What types of insurance coverages does the tow service have?
    • Towing companies should carry Commercial Liability, On-Hook Insurance, Cargo Insurance, and Garage Keepers insurance. If the company you are calling cannot tell you what type of insurance they have, we suggest you steer clear.
  • Are all of their tow truck operators TDLR Certified?
    • The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation requires every tow truck operator to have one of the three levels of certification in order to tow in the state of Texas. If the tow company you call is not TDLR Certified, keep looking.
  • How long will it take to get a tow truck operator to your breakdown location?
    • One tell-tale sign that the tow truck company you call is less than top-shelf is to learn if they have an excess of tow truck operators available to provide service. If the tow service you call provides an extended ETA, you might want to call around.
  • Does the towing service tow for multiple law enforcement agencies.
    • When it comes to learning whether or not a towing business is reputable is to ask if they assist local police departments during motor vehicle accidents. The bar is high when it come to towing for the police, so if the company you call does do police tows, it’s a good sign.
Cheap Towing Company Dallas

How To Find Affordable Towing Rates

At Dallas Towboys Towing, we provide fast and affordable towing for both light-duty cars and trucks as well as heavy-duty towing for commercial vehicles. So, the short answer to the question of how to get your car towed inexpensively is to simply call Dallas Towboys.

  • A reputable towing company with affordable rates should have a strong online presence with hundreds of 5-Star online reviews.
  • Towing companies with inexpensive rates are easy to identify if you check out their Facebook Business Page.
  • Check out the tow service’s website, they may have towing rates posted on the FAQ page.
  • Ask your automotive repair shop for a tow company referral. Many reasonably priced towing companies get many tow referrals.
  • Consult your friends and family to learn if they’ve recently used a local towing company.
  • Get in touch with the local Chamber of Commerce to learn what towing businesses are members of their organization.
  • Consult the local Better Business Bureau to learn if they have members that are tow company owners.
  • Contact your local police department and ask them if they have a preferred list of towing providers.

Affordable Roadside Assistance Rates

At Dallas Towboys Towing, we understand that not all car breakdown problems require a tow truck. We provide roadside assistance services such as a tire change service, car lockout service, gasoline delivery, and even jump-starts…all at affordable rates. But, we wanted to warn you that some unscrupulous towing companies use bait-n-switch techniques to get you to choose them when you are looking for great rates for towing and roadside assistance. Below are a few of the underhanded techniques you should look out for when calling around for a tow.

  • Adding a dispatch fee to your bill after they have already provided service and holding your car hostage until you pay.
  • Not disclosing that the price they provided over the phone does not include a hook-up fee or mileage fee to get to your location.
  • Charging you a convenience fee when you want to pay for your tow service with a debit card or credit card.
  • Adding on fees for towing your car or truck after hours. Most reputable towing companies have the same rates for day and night roadside assistance services.

Rather than being taken by a towing company that doesn’t have your best interest at heart, we suggest that you develop a relationship with a towing company that understands that when you need a tow, it’s at one of the most vulnerable times in your life. If you would like more information about how we conduct our towing business give us a call. We’ll be happy to discuss our cheap towing rates and provide you with the help you need. We’re available 24 hours of every day.

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