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Cheap Towing Service Dallas

 Cheap Towing Service Dallas

If you’ve ever made a mistake with your car, like accidentally backing over a curb or driving over the wall, as depicted in the photo to the right, you abruptly realize that you can’t solve the problem all by yourself. That’s ok, that’s why our tow truck operators are available to help 24/7. In fact, our guys love those kinds of jobs.

Now, some might say that tow truck operators are natural-born problem solvers. And, while nature may have something to do with their ability to improvise and problem solve in any vehicle break down or car accident situation, the truth is they possess a specific set of skills. These skills don’t come easy though.

The reason you should always trust our tow truck operators to help you when your car is in a tight spot is that they’re trained. And, when you couple this superior training with consistent reinforcement and opportunities to find solutions to various car problem scenarios, their abilities have become compounded over time.

But, don’t let my braggadocio description of our tow truck operators’ skill and experience cause you to believe that our accident recovery services are pricey. Au Contraire, in fact, our towing rates are very affordable.  So affordable that, you’ll still be able to buy groceries for your family and pay the rent.  Not bad huh?

So, the next time you’re involved in a car accident, or even over a wall like this poor woman, give the team at Dallas Towboys a holler. We’ll get there fast and get you out of whatever life has thrown your way.

Heavy Haul Trucking

Did you know that Dallas Towboys Towing has a heavy haul trucking division? Yes, it’s true, and when you talk about problem solvers, you’ve got to include these guys. Not only do they know the best way to secure whatever needs hauling to their trailers, but they can maneuver through downtown Dallas traffic, with a wide or oversized load, with the ease of a downhill skier.

You gotta know, that when you need heavy haul trucking for large or heavy loads, they are subject to different rules and regulations while out on the busy motorways of the Dallas metro area. And, our heavy haul guys have the experience necessary to avoid many of the pitfalls that some of these not-so-savvy truckers know about. When you want your equipment or cargo to arrive intact and on time, with zero damage, then you’ll want to be calling Dallas Towboys Towing for all your heavy haul trucking needs.

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Affordable Roadside Assistance

Cheap Towing Service Dallas

Towing and roadside services Dallas

Into every life, some rain must fall. I don’t know who said it, but it’s as true today as it was a thousand years ago. Roadside vehicle emergencies are going to happen. One day you’re going to have a flat tire, or your battery is going to discharge and leave you stranded. And, these vehicle breakdowns always seem to happen at the worst possible time. Like, when you’re on a first date with your best girl. But, never fear. When you experience a car breakdown and decide to call on Dallas Towboys Towing for assistance, we’re going to send one of the friendliest tow truck operators this side of the Mississippi. How can I say that? Because all of our tow truck technicians are that way. They just love providing solutions to people in need.

Speaking about solutions, have you ever had a problem where your key was stuck in the ignition? So stuck indeed, that you couldn’t turn the car on or take the key out of the ignition? Well, we’ve seen that many times. It’s one of our “Been there…Done that,” moments. Most of the time the solution to a stuck ignition key is very simple. So simple indeed that we’ve even help motorists with a stuck ignition key solve the problem on their own, by talking them through it over the phone.

Most of the time turning the steering wheel one way or another will free up the ignition key. This will allow you to start the car, or pull the key out of the ignition, whatever you need to do. But, hey, don’t let this car breakdown stuff stress you. With the team at Dallas Towboys at the ready, you don’t need to be a professional. One call to us and we’ll have a tow truck operator to you within minutes. And, again, our services don’t cost an arm and a leg. As our founder always says, “We don’t want an arm and a leg, we just need your tows.” Clever, huh? Yeah, we didn’t think so either. What a ya gonna do?

Cheap Towing Service Dallas

Car Battery Jump Start Story

David Morris had stayed awake the entire night worrying about the meeting the next morning with his boss. She had asked David to meet with her at 9:00 AM, but she didn’t tell him what the meeting was for. Would he lose his job, was he being promoted, had he done something wrong? These were all questions that kept his mind attentive and active the entire night.

When the alarm went off, he quickly hit the snooze and sat up to get ready for work. Coffee, shower, clothes…etc. and as he stepped outside to walk to the carport, he realized that the weather was a bit brisk, cool in fact for a morning in Dallas. So, he stepped back inside to grab a jacket. Jacket on, he walked out to his car, and before he began scraping the frost from the windshield, he attempted to start the car. He put the key into the car’s ignition, turned the key, and all he heard was “click, click, click.” The engine would not turn over.

It was 8:15 AM and his mind was racing. So, he quickly popped the hood and took a look at his car’s battery. White powdery corrosion was all over the battery terminals and the battery looked like it was covered in a thin layer of oil. So, he jiggled the cables to check for tightness and tried starting the car again. But nothing. His car refused to start.

Frustrated and now very concerned about being late for his meeting, he sat with his hands on the steering wheel and rested his face on the horn. It was then that he realized he needed to call for help. So, he picked up his phone, went to Google, and typed in “Tow Truck Service Near Me.” He didn’t care what it cost, because he needed a jump start fast.

Well, the first company he saw on Google had only 3 reviews and the reviewers were not very happy with their experience with this towing company. Undeterred, he continued his search. That’s when he saw Dallas Towboys and all of our glorious 5-Star reviews.

Like this one…

“The guy that showed up was really nice and quick about the process. Nobody wants to be in a situation where a tow truck is needed but if needed, I’d use this company again.”

And this one…

“I am so thankful for these guys! My teenage daughter had a blowout on the highway in Fate and my husband and I were both out of reach to get to her- it’s a very uncomfortable situation to have to rely on a stranger to get your teenager back on the road safely but their office staff and service team treated us with the utmost courtesy and very prompt service. They completely understood my concerns and confirmed they could get someone to her quickly as well as took extra time to call my daughter directly to describe the driver’s appearance so she knew who she was supposed to be dealing with. They told me it would be 30-45 minutes and the driver was there in 30. They also called me as he was wrapping it up to let me know she was taken care of and would be back on the road in minutes. My daughter said the driver was nice and very helpful. I’m super happy with the level of professionalism and the kindness they showed us today!”

So, he quickly dialed our phone number and relayed all the necessary information. He expressed the urgency and the reason for it. Explaining that he had an important meeting with his boss and was afraid that he was going to be late.  That’s when our dispatch team jumped into action.

Armed with the knowledge of the location of every tow truck operator on duty at the time, our team of dispatching professionals found a tow truck operator who was located only 4 blocks from David. Mike was changing a tire and was just putting his tools away when his smartphone received a text.  “Hey, mike, are you almost finished with that tire change.” The text read.

Mike responded, that he had just finished and was ready for another challenge. So, the dispatcher texted Mike the information and he was away in a flash. Mike arrived, quickly jump started David’s car and David was off to the races in the nick of time.

No car battery jump start story would be complete if we didn’t finish the loop and tell you how David’s meeting went. It would be cruel and unusual punishment to keep you hanging on a cliff like that. So, here goes.

What David had feared all night was that the meeting was going to end badly. Either he would be reprimanded, lose his job, or be demoted. But his fears were unfounded. What actually happened, was his boss had noticed that he had been getting progressively better at his job. His sales numbers were continuing to increase and his boss wanted to tap into what he was doing to build the company further. So, she asked him to be the new sales manager for his division.

She said, “You really know what you’re doing, and are a big asset to our team. So, can you teach everyone else here how you do it?” 

Hearing this news, David was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Cheap Towing Service Dallas
Cheap Towing Service Dallas

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Our towing company was built around the philosophy and vision to be the safest, most dependable, towing and transport service in the entire state of Texas. Our values include putting others first, being a team player, and treating all people with dignity and respect. If you care about these same values and need your car towed, please don’t hesitate to call.

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