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Construction Equipment Towing

Regardless of the type of equipment you have, we can tow it. Whether you need a tow for a skid-steer, forklift transport, construction towing, or heavy equipment towing, Dallas Towboys are your heavy haul equipment, transportation specialists.

When changing construction sites from one place to another, there are numerous large pieces of equipment that you’ll need to have moved. As well as many other miscellaneous pieces of equipment and tools that will need to be transported to the new site as well. Rather than using your own trucks and manpower to transport your construction equipment, we suggest you conserve your resources and call us to make the move. We specialize in heavy-duty commercial construction relocation services in the Dallas, Texas area. We can haul dump trucks, forklifts, scissor lifts, mobile offices, container moving, and even shed moving.

So, whether you need a trencher towed to another location, a fast towing truck, or you have a container filled with hand tools that need to go across town, Dallas Towboys team of trained professionals can load, secure, and quickly transport all of your tools equipment. The way we see it is, if we’re taking care of towing your equipment, you are free to focus on the more important things in your business. This not only helps you to allocate your resources more efficiently, but you’re sure to have everything where you need it when the new work begins. So, rather than wasting your time hauling your own gear and equipment, call us to save you money on towing your stuff.

  • Forklift Transport

  • Construction Towing

  • Scissor Lift Towing

  • Dump Truck Towing

  • Trencher Transport

  • Sky Lift Towing

  • Rental Equipment Transport

  • Backhoe Towing

  • Air Compressor Transport

  • Scaffold Transport

  • Excavator Towing

  • Concrete Tools Transport

Your Equipment Towing Service

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Forklift Transportation Services

For All Your Heavy Equipment Transport Needs


Shed Moving Services

Do you have a garden shed or tool shed that needs to be moved to another job site or a new home? We have moved thousands of sheds all damage-free. Our team of trusted tow truck operators and heavy haul professionals can handle all of your shed moving needs. Call today for availability.


Tractor Accident Recovery

Face it, mistakes are going to happen, it rains on the just and the unjust. And, when it’s your time to mistakenly dump your tractor into a tight spot, you can count on us to get it free. One call to our office, and you’ll have an expert tractor recovery specialist’s assistance in minutes.


Forklift Winching Service

Regardless of the situation, be it learning how to properly use a piece of heavy equipment, or unseen ground conditions, when you get your forklift stuck it’s quite a big deal. But, whatever gets stuck can just as easily be unstuck, if you have the right equipment and expertise, as we do.

Heavy Haul Equipment Transport


Excavator Transport

Among our extensive towing and hauling services that we offer, one of our favorites is excavator transport. If you’re not going to haul your own equipment, we suggest that you choose wisely when deciding which transport company to use. Our heavy haul experts have been towing equipment for more than 20 years.


Motor Grader Transport

There are very few transport businesses here in Dallas that have the trucks, expertise, and resources to pull off transporting a motor grader. Cut out the hassle and call us to transport your heavy construction equipment. We know the best way to transport any piece of machinery and equipment.


Water Truck Transport

There are many things to consider when transporting an off-road water truck. Will the water truck be empty or full during transport? Does the tank have baffles and does the truck doing the transporting have enough strength and braking power? We take all things into consideration when moving your equipment.



Dallas, Texas

How Our Equipment Transport Company Is Different

At Dallas Towboys, we specialize in heavy-duty commercial equipment relocation. Our heavy equipment transport division of our business has extensive knowledge of the equipment used on most of the various types of job-sites that exist. Our transport specialists not only know the best way to load and secure your equipment, but they also have experience operating the very equipment their moving. From motor graders to scissor lifts, our heavy equipment team is relentless in ensuring your equipment arrives intact and on time.

What makes us different than other transport companies in Dallas? Our heavy haul transport team is available 24 hours, 365 days every year. No matter what time of day or night, when you need equipment relocated our team is on it.

We transport drills, forklifts, construction equipment, paving equipment, rock trucks, rather trucks, boom lifts, forestry equipment, and a whole lot more…all at reasonable towing rates. So, when you need to save time, money, and utilize your resources elsewhere, call Dallas Towboys heavy equipment transport specialists. Whether you are the owner of the equipment or the contractor, you understand that when your time is wasted your increasing overhead and losing money. So, count on us to move your equipment as quickly and safely as possible. We’ll get it there on time and keep you informed of the location of your equipment in real-time.

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We Also Provide These Services

  • Truck Towing

  • Vintage Car Towing

  • Exotic Car Towing

  • Winch Out Service

  • Emergency Towing

  • Motorcycle Towing

  • Roadside Assistance

  • Car Towing

  • Police Towing

Our Service Areas List:
Dallas Towboys provides towing services, roadside assistance, light-duty towing service, heavy-duty towing service, auto wrecker, car towing service and more in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Plano, Irving, Garland, Frisco, Addison, McKinney, Highland Village, Grand Prairie, Lewisville, Keller, Southlake, Colleyville, Grapevine, Euless, Denton, Mesquite, Carrollton, Richardson, Flower Mound, Farmers Branch, Westlake, Allen, North Richland Hills, Rowlett, DeSoto, Mansfield, Rockwall, Little Elm, Burleson, Duncanville and many more.

Dallas Towboys Towing Service also happily provides tow company services, roadside assistance and more in the zip codes below:
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