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Battery Jump Start Car Services

Battery Jump Start Car Services

Your car not only provides you the ability to move from place to place, but it also provides you a sense of autonomy, freedom if you will. And, when your car won’t start, then it’s a problem that needs to be solved quickly. That’s why here at Dallas Towboys Towing and Roadside Assistance we provide prompt jump start car battery services in the Dallas Metro area.

Now, just because your car refuses to start it doesn’t necessarily indicate that your car’s battery is dead. No, a dead car battery is not the only reason your car will not start. While corroded battery terminals and an aged battery can be the culprit when your car makes that clicking noise instead of starting, there are other components that could be at fault. If your car makes an attempt to start and is turning over quickly when you first turn the key, the problem may be that your car is out of gas or has a clogged fuel filter. But, the first thing to try before you require towing service is a simple jump start using jumper cables.

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What Will Cause Your Battery To Fail?

Jump start car Dallas

Preventing A Dead Car Battery

There are many reasons why your car’s battery can fail. Leaving the lights on, not closing the door completely so that the interior lights go off, extremes of weather, and an old battery are just a few reasons your car’s battery can be drained so much that you cannot start your vehicle. Here at Dallas Towboys, our aim is to help you with your car breakdown issues, that’s why we’ve put together below a few helpful tips to ensure that you can continue to enjoy the freedom your vehicle provides.

  • Leaving your headlights on. Fortunately, most of the newer models of cars and trucks have a setting on the headlights that automatically turn them off after the car has been turned off. In some instances, the setting doesn’t automatically shut them off, but if the lights are left on the vehicle’s computer will shut them off in a short time. This is a very good feature to have to avoid having your battery drained. Otherwise, you can leave yourself a sticky note or something to remind yourself to shut off your headlights.
  • Corroded battery terminals and posts. Your car’s battery is equipped with either top mount posts or side mount terminals. And, if the terminal connections on either of these become corroded there’s a good chance that the connection will loosen over time. To avoid a loose connection and corrosion on your battery, we suggest that you have your battery checked every six months. Have the repair shop clean the terminals and test your battery for the proper voltage.
  • Extremes of heat or cold. Older batteries are more susceptible to the extremes of weather. If you notice that your car starts slowly on cold mornings this may be a tell-tale sign that you need a new battery. Extreme hot weather can play a factor as well, so to avoid being a victim of weather extremes, ensure that your battery is checked semi-annually by a trained battery professional.
  • A bad alternator can drain your battery. Many motorists don’t understand that the battery is used to start your engine but once your engine has started, your car’s battery relies on the engine to engage the alternator. The alternator then provides the battery with the power it needs to ensure your electrical components continue working while the vehicle is running. If the alternator fails then it cannot supply the juice the battery needs, and soon the battery will become fully discharged. Usually, a dash light will alert you to a faulty alternator, but rather than relying on that, we suggest that you have your alternator checked at the same time you’re having your battery serviced.
  • Your battery’s age may be the problem your car won’t start. Most batteries have a life of between 3 and 4 years. And, depending on factors that include how temperate your climate, your driving habits, and where you store your car, your battery may last longer than that. But, as with every component on a car, your battery will eventually fail. To avoid needing to call a towing company for a jump start, once again, we suggest that you have your battery serviced regularly by a competent professional.

How To Jump Start Your Car Battery

Jump Start Car Dallas

Jump Start Your Car The Right Way

It’s Monday morning and only the second week of your new job. You head out to the garage with all of your belongings, ready to take on the new day. You’ve planned it out perfectly so that you arrive to work a full 15 minutes before it’s time to get to work. All of this is to ensure that you continue to make a good impression. You sit down and buckle up for the 20-minute commute, but as you turn the key in the ignition all you hear is a fast clicking noise. Your wife’s already on her way to work, so you’re going to need a jump start from who? Begrudgingly, you make your way through the snow and knock on your neighbor’s door to ask for a jump start. He graciously offers his assistance and plans on jump-starting your battery with his car’s battery. But, before you allow him to touch your car, you should know that there’s a right way and a wrong way to jump start a car battery. Below, we discuss the right way to provide a battery boost on a dead battery.

Use either a jump box or jumper cables. Most people drive straight into their garage rather than back in. And, if the battery is located in the front of the vehicle, then you’re left with the challenge of reaching the battery with jumper cables. While professional-grade jumper cables can reach 30 feet, most consumer jumper cables only reach about 5 or 6 feet. A jump box or jump pack is a good alternative, the problem with them though is that they don’t last much longer than a year before you have to buy a new one. The other option is to either push the car out of the garage or have your neighbor drive into the other garage bay, if available.

  1. Clean your battery terminals. To ensure that the jump start provided is as effective as possible and that your dead battery is receiving as much voltage as possible from the assisting battery, we suggest that you clean the terminals with at least a cloth. If you have wire brushes and anti-corrosive battery spray, this will work as well. Also, check the connection from the battery terminal connector to the battery terminals. If these are loose, all of the power in the world will not help your car to start.
  2. Make sure that your vehicle is in park. Most cars will not allow the operator to turn over the ignition when the car is not in park, but just in case, you’ll need to ensure that your car is in park before you attempt to jump start it. It’s also a good idea to put the parking brake on for safety. Ensure that both vehicles are turned off.
  3. Hook up the dead battery’s positive terminal. Once you have both vehicles close enough to reach, you’ll need to access the battery. In most cases, the battery is located under the hood, but in some instances, it will be located in the trunk or under the back seat. Once located, attach the positive cable lead, which is red, to the positive terminal of the dead battery. Then attach the other red positive cable lead to the good battery’s positive terminal.
  4. Attach the black negative cable lead. Next, attach the black negative cable lead to the negative post or terminal of the good battery. Then attach the other negative lead cable to the negative terminal or designated unpainted surface. This will ground it and prevent the battery leads from making sparks.
  5. Turn on the good vehicle and let it run. If you have done everything right so far, and a dead battery is truly the problem, your car should start within a short time. Depending on factors that include the age of the battery, how long the battery has been dead, how long your car has remained idle, the weather, and others, your battery may need to charge for 15 minutes or more.
  6. Starting your car. If after 5 minutes your car starts without an issue, remove the jumper cable leads in the reverse order that you placed them in the first place. Then close the hood and you’re on your way to work.

While all of this sounds pretty straightforward and you have finally got your car running again, experiencing a dead battery is not something you should ignore. Because, yes you may have been able to make it to work, and even back home without needing another jump start, your battery did fully discharge and it needs to be checked by a competent battery professional.

How Much Does A Jump Start Cost?

When your car won’t start because of a dead battery, you can trust that the team at Dallas Towboys can help. Whether you need a tow truck to tow your car to the repair shop or we are able to actually get your car started, just know you’ll be in good hands with our crew.

Jump starts are considered one of our roadside assistance services and as such, the cost for a jump start is usually the same as a change on a flat tire or a gasoline delivery. The cost for these services is dependent on the distance our tow truck operator must travel, time spent at your location, the flat fee for jump-starting your car.

If you have specific questions for our team of towing professionals, please don’t hesitate to call. If you need roadside assistance right now, please call 214-221-8697. Thank You.

Jump Start Car Dallas
Jump Start Car Dallas

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A dead car battery is highly inconvenient, and when you need a jump start for your vehicle battery, you want it quick and done right by a battery professional. Simply using your jumper cables and another vehicle may work in some instances but it’s not always convenient. Don’t waste your time calling on friends and neighbors, rather call Dallas Towboys Towing & Roadside Assistance for a jump for your car.

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If you’re in a situation where your car will not start when you turn the key or press the button, there’s a high probability that you’re dealing with a dead battery. Rather than wasting valuable time, call on the professionals at Dallas Towboys for fast roadside assistance services.

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