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Damage Free RV Towing Company

Damage Free RV Towing Company

With the spring and summer months soon approaching, we know that many venturous souls are eager to get out on the open road with their recreational vehicle. Too many of you are tired of being cooped up due to COVID-19 and are ready to spend some quality time with your family, outside the home. Due to the unusual conditions surrounding everything that happened in 2020, we expect this year’s summer motorhome traffic to be one of the busiest RV seasons we’ve seen in Dallas in years.

While it’s unfortunate, many of you motorhome enthusiasts will inevitably experience breakdown issues with your RV. But, with the team at Dallas Towboys towing at the ready, you can rest assured that we will be there for you when you need recreational vehicle towing.

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Avoiding A Motorhome Breakdown

RV Towing Dallas

Maintaining Your Motorhome

When heading out on the open roads with your family in your trusted RV, the last thing you want to experience on your journeys is a motorhome breakdown. Having a problem with your RV can cause you to stop on the shoulder of a major interstate, which is potentially hazardous simply because of passing motorists and the risk of distracted driving. And, when you take into consideration the cost of having your motorhome towed to the nearest RV repair shop, which may be 100 miles or more away, it’s plain to see that proper planning and ongoing RV maintenance are important.

Most families who own a motorhome only take their RV out once or twice every year. The other remaining months your RV will either be stored inside (which is ideal) or stored outside in the elements. Regardless of whether your motorhome is stored inside or outside, you should still be concerned with maintaining your RV with preventive maintenance year-round. While it might seem like overkill, we suggest that you drive your RV a minimum of once per month. Take it out on the city streets and highways and take note of any shaking, strange noises, or dash lights that come on.

We suggest that you follow the maintenance suggestions laid out in your owner’s manual. Also, regular checkups at your local RV repair center will help to lessen the chances that you will have a roadside RV emergency. Just remember, even though you may not cause any wear or tear on the RV year-round, motorhome components can become damaged and fail because of age and being exposed to both hot and cold temperatures.

Motorhome Towing Services

Here’s to hoping you never need to call Dallas Towboys for motorhome towing services, but just in case you do, we’ve put together a few of the steps you can follow when your motorhome does need a tow.

  • Stay calm. Regardless of whether your RV is stuck in the mud, you have an RV breakdown, or you’ve been involved in an accident, we suggest that you remain calm. Doing so not only instills confidence in your family that you’ll get the problem resolved, but it also allows you to think more clearly.
  • Think Safety. When experiencing a problem with your RV, your first response may be to keep driving and find a local towing company to help. Or, if you have RV roadside assistance, you may rummage through your belongings looking for the 800 number. However, we suggest that you first, find a safe area to pull off of the road, and preferably not on the shoulder of the road. This will give you time to think and ensure that you and your family are out of harm’s way.
  • Assess The Situation. Before calling for RV roadside assistance or a local towing company, attempt to ascertain what the exact cause of the problem is. Did you hit a dear? Is your motorhome still drivable? Is your RV overheating? The answers to these questions will give you clarity and allow you to properly communicate your needs to the towing company you call.
RV Towing Dallas

Heavy Truck Towing RV Knowledge

The team at Dallas Towboys Towing has more than 2 decades of experience towing all types of motorhomes, tractor-trailers, dump trucks, straight trucks, and all manner of heavy trucks on the road today. With that being said, RV towing requires specialized knowledge and experience. If the towing company you call does not have the equipment or experience towing RV’s then you may not be assured of a damage-free towing service. There are many things that can go wrong and below we list just a few of the things to watch out for. If you see your tow truck operator ignoring these very specific items, ask them to leave and call someone else.

  • Lifting the front wheels off the ground. A large motorhome can be damaged if the tow truck that’s towing it attempts to lift the front wheels off the ground by using the frame. This will almost always end in damage. The wheel-lift must extend enough to reach the front axel to lift it from there. And sometimes extension forks must be used to avoid damage to your RV. If the tow truck operator cannot reach the front axel then using Bus Arms that lift the RV by its wheels must be used.
  • Removing the driveshaft for towing. Before towing your RV, the tow truck operator MUST disengage the driveshaft. This is done so that damage is not done to the drive-train and transmission while the motorhome is being towed. Sometimes the driveshaft can be tied up underneath the motorhome, otherwise, it must be removed.
  • Providing air to your air brakes. If your motorhome is equipped with air brakes and an air ride system, the tow truck operator MUST supply air to the system using an air hose that’s connected to his tow truck. If air is not supplied to both the air brakes and the air ride system, your RV may be damaged.
  • Avoiding damage to side-view mirrors. Another issue inexperienced tow truck operators can run into when towing a large motorhome is causing damage to the side view mirrors. When towing your RV with a wheel-lift, if the wheel-lift is pulled in too close to the tow truck while towing, hard left and hard right turns can cause the mirrors to come into contact with the tow truck’s boom. A smart tow truck operator knows that to avoid damage to side-view mirrors, they can either be removed during towing or simply temporarily adjusted so that they do not come into contact with the tow truck.
RV Towing Dallas
RV Towing Dallas
RV Towing Dallas

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If you are looking for motorhome towing services in the Dallas, Texas area you’re going to want a heavy-duty towing company that is equipped with an extended-reach wheel-lift tow truck. There are many towing companies around, but when it comes to your expensive RV, you’re going to want to steer clear of those cheap towing companies. Yes, trust only Dallas Towboys to ensure your recreational vehicle is towed right. Damage-free RV transport. Call us now and receive fast roadside services.

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