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Tow Truck Near Me Dallas

Tow Truck Near Me Dallas

Whether you drive 500 miles per day or only 30 miles every day, your vehicle does take some abuse. Potholes, road debris, and inattentive drivers are just a few of the dangers motorists must maneuver around in the Dallas area to avoid becoming the next victim of needing to search for a tow truck that’s close to your location.

Yes, you too may have a tire blowout while traversing the many roadways and city streets here in the Dallas area. And, having to change your own flat tire can be quite an ordeal. Why? Well, it’s because in most instances you’re not a professional tow truck operator. We don’t mean to toot our own horns here, we’re just saying that you’re probably adept in one or more areas.

You may be a stellar school teacher or a guitarist who knows his or her craft better than anyone. And, we applaud you for that. Just know my friend, that we are experts when it comes to changing tires. We can quickly move your vehicle from one location to another with our flatbed tow trucks. All while providing you with peace of mind that your vehicle will remain damage-free throughout the entire towing process.

From the moment you talk to our towing dispatcher, you’ll be blown away by the professionalism you’ll hear over the phone. Once, we’ve gathered the information we need from you, your location, vehicle type, and what’s going on with your car, we’ll send a shiny new tow truck to your location. But, it’s not just the tow truck that’ll impress you. No, it’s the way our tow truck operators treat you and your car with care and understanding, that will really hit you where you can feel it. Right in the heart.

If you drive a low clearance vehicle, like a Corvette, you may be concerned about calling just any towing company to tow your baby. We understand your concerns and take every precaution to ensure your Vette remains in the same condition it was prior to the arrival of our tow truck. Our flatbed tow trucks are equipped with ramps that make the transition from the roadway to the deck our tow truck as smooth as catching fish in a bucket. Ok, we don’t really know how catching fish in a bucket is relevant, so, just know that your car’s undercarriage and exhaust will not be scratched, dented, or damaged in any way.

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Flatbed Towing Near Me

Tow Truck Near Me Dallas

Why tow truck arrival times are important

While considering the cost of towing services in Dallas is something that many motorists are hypersensitive about, having a quality towing company that can respond in a timely manner is what most of our customers consider to be the most important factor when choosing a tow truck service company. This is never more important given the times we’re living in today.

If you are out on the interstate and your GMC truck pulls hard to one side, causing you to pull to the shoulder and take a look. You may simply have a flat tire, but if that’s not the case, there’s probably something going on with the suspension. Now it’s time to call for a tow truck. What happens in many cases is friendly and not-so-friendly motorists may stop and ask if you need assistance. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to discern between a concerned citizen and a sociopath. The former is someone who may have knowledge of vehicles and can provide you with some assistance, while the latter can be a threat to your very survival and that of your family and passengers.

This is precisely why having a towing company that responds quickly to your location is highly important. And, when you take into consideration that, when you’re sitting on the shoulder of an interstate with cars passing at high rates of speed, you’re quite vulnerable to being involved in an accident. Inattentive driving, due to texting, is one of the highest causes of motor vehicle collisions today.

The tow truck operators at Dallas Towboys are many, and our fleet is very expansive. This means that our tow trucks are all over the Dallas, Texas area. So, whether you’re in Plano, Mesquite, or Rockwall, you can rest assured that a call to our team will result in you receiving a tow truck to your location in no time at all…usually within 30 minutes. That’s pretty stellar if we do say so ourselves.

Tow Truck Near Me Dallas

Semi Truck Towing Solutions

Now, if you drive a heavy-duty truck, like a tractor-trailer, or any other commercial-grade construction equipment, you may have experienced being stuck once or twice in the past. And, many times it’s because you were relying on Google’s map or another GPS device to tell you where to go. Yeah, we’ve seen that a lot. So, just know you’re not the only one. Google will tell you that you’re fine going down that road. Even though it’s beginning to narrow and you think you’re going the wrong way.

Google’s like the slick willie of the internet, goading you to take your tractor-trailer down a one-lane dirt road. Then when you’ve gone so far that you know you can’t continue this way, you’ve got to find a way to turn your big rig around. Well, from our experience, you actually might need 40 acres to get turned around, but, please don’t do it in a farmer’s field. Why? Because, more often than not, we’re going to have to come out and winch your truck out of the mud. The best-case scenario is that you call us before you drive into a farmer’s field. It makes our job much easier if we can simply pull you out of that dirt road backward.

The team here at Dallas Towboys Towing has helped thousands of over-the-road truckers with their semi-trucks. From jump starts to accident recovery, we’ve rolled over our fair share of loaded tractor-trailers. And, we can help you too. Call on us for all your semi truck towing needs.

Jump Start Service

Many times, we as humans create narratives in our heads that simply are not the case. For example, let’s say you get off of work and go out to your car and stick the key in the ignition but the car doesn’t start. And you immediately start thinking that you’re going to need a tow truck near you to tow your car to a repair shop. Well, having your car towed may not be necessary.

Yes, sometimes when your car won’t start you’re going to have to get it towed to the repair shop. But, many times all you really need at the moment is a jump start. Of course, while a jump start can be the best solution at that time, you’ll still need to have your battery tested, and quite possibly replaced. Just know that the team at Dallas Towboys is always available to help in any way we can.

Flat Tire Change Service

It goes without saying, but I’m gonna say it anyway. Your car must have quality tires for it to operate safely while out on the roads. Which is why you should only entrust your choice of tire to tire professionals. This is also the same reason why you should only trust flat tire change service to professionals as well. That’s us.

When you call Dallas Towboys Towing for a flat tire change, our fast mobile tire change service will ensure that you’re first in a safe location. Changing a tire on the side of a busy interstate is no longer safe. That’s why we get you and your vehicle to a safe location before actually changing the tire.

Once established in a safe and level location, we locate your spare and any necessary tire changing tools. While we do bring our own tools to perform the service, we still may need a lug key or other tools that are specific to your car. We then remove your bad tire and replace it with your good spare. And, before we watch you drive away happily, we check the tire pressure of all 4 tires and put air in any of them that don’t meet their specific requirements.

Lastly, before we bid you adieu, we remind you that your spare tire was not meant to be driven on more than is absolutely necessary and to get to a tire shop for a replacement as soon as possible. Happy driving.

Tow Truck Near Me Dallas
Tow Truck Near Me Dallas

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Many times, our customers are amazed at the quick response times that our tow truck operators provide. While we always encourage our drivers to obey the speed limits and other traffic laws, we instill in them the importance of taking the motorist’s time into consideration in everything else that they do. When fueling their trucks, when filling out any necessary paperwork, and when stopping for a snack, we prioritize our customers so that you’re waiting, roadside for as little amount of time as required.

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We know that not every roadside emergency is avoidable. When it comes to road debris while traveling 70 miles per hour, a bolt or a nail in your path can be difficult to maneuver around while avoiding a collision with another vehicle. That’s why it’s always best to have Dallas Towboys Towing’s phone number in the contacts of your phone. Go ahead and put it in there right now…214-221-8697…Label it “Towing” and you’re good to go.

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