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Best Towing Company Rose Hill

Best Towing Company Rose Hill

Sometimes you just gotta call a towing company Rose Hill. Yes, it’s sad but true. Car breakdown issues never occur at a time that’s convenient. Can you imagine, getting an email from your car that says, “Hello, heads up, this is your car. I just wanted you to know that my alternator is a little weak. And, while I’m not 100% sure when it is going to malfunction, I believe you should take me into the mechanic’s shop for a check-up…real soon.”

No, unfortunately, that’s something that never happens. So, without the foresight of your car telling you that it’s going to break down, you’re at the mercy of relentlessly maintaining your vehicle. You must check the oil, have your tires rotated, have your battery checked, and a whole host of things that you probably don’t have time to do yourself. And, even if you did everything right, you still might have a radiator hose pop off which would cause your car to overheat in the Texas sun in minutes.

So, if you find yourself stuck, on one of those beautiful Rose Hill mornings, with a car that is struggling to start, you’re going to need the assistance of the Towing Team down at Dallas Towboys Towing. These guys not only know their way around your car but they’re adamant about ensuring all the boxes are checked when servicing your vehicle. No stone goes unturned, and no damage is done when we provide towing and roadside assistance services.

And, as far as towing rates go, we’re one of the most pocketbook-friendly towing companies in these parts. I mean really, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another towing company in the Rose Hill area that can beat our tow truck service rates.

Car Lockout Service

Now, I want to tell you a story about a customer, who will remain unnamed for privacy. This person had locked his keys inside his vehicle and needed to get back inside really badly. He was on his way to a high-powered interview, where he was hoping to win a big-ticket coaching client. He got a little nervous and accidentally locked his keys inside his car before he even left the driveway of his home.

Well, as you might imagine, he was in a big hurry to retrieve his keys. So, he did what many of our customers do before they call us for a lockout service, he tried to do it himself. Armed with a steel clothes hanger that was as straight as he could get it, he opened a small gap in his door frame and poked it inside. As you might have already guessed, what ended up happening is he damaged both the exterior paint of his car and the car’s upholstery. And, still, he was unable to get inside. The way he tells it, he spent about 30 minutes trying. And, when we arrived the car looked pitiful, scratches and tears all over.

Anyway, once the hero arrived, he pulled his lockout tools from his tow truck, immediately went to work, and had the car open in less than 2 minutes. The customer was so happy, he tried to hug our technician, but heroes don’t accept hugs, but they do take tips. Just kidding, no tipping is required.

The customer was happy and ended up landing the coaching client account after all. Even though he was late. Which is good because he needed the money to repair his car. So, I guess the moral of the story is, leave the professional work to the professionals.

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Accident Recovery Towing

Towing Company Rose Hill Texas

What to do after a car crash

Have you ever fallen asleep while driving? Imagine you’re driving along happy as a clam, but suddenly you begin to feel yourself nodding off. And, when you wake up and realize what had happened, you’re horrified. You start asking questions. How long was I asleep? What if I completely fall asleep? Well you know the answer to that, you’re going to be involved in a car crash.

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, there’s a car accident every 60 seconds. That equates to around 5 million accidents every year in the United States. Pretty scary huh? That begs the question, do you know what to do immediately following a car crash?

When a motor vehicle collision occurs, most of the time, the people involved are quite shaken up. And, being a little out of their element, and quite possibly in traumatic shock, they behave in a somewhat dazed manner. When you couple that behavior with the fact that most people only experience a car crash once every few decades, you may have a better understanding of why things can go wrong directly after a car crash.

After you have determined that everyone in your party and the other vehicle is ok, the most important thing for you to do is get out of the way of passing motorists. If your car is movable and there are no injuries, get it completely off of the roadway. And, by all means, don’t stand in the roadway gawking at the damage that was done to your car.

If you’re involved in an accident and need police towing services, call the team at Dallas Towboys Towing. Our tow truck operators are WreckMaster certified and are licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR) for Incident Management. Meaning, they’ve helped thousands of people after a car crash. At Dallas Towboys Towing, we understand that a motor vehicle collision is a serious event in your life and will do all that we can to help make your experience as pleasurable as possible.

Towing Company Rose Hill Texas

Semi Truck Towing Rose Hill

While having your car or truck towed to the repair shop is much more common and something that everyone has seen, tractor trailer towing is a different animal indeed. For towing cars and trucks, all you need is a wrecker or flatbed tow truck that’s legal and rated to tow the weight of a passenger vehicle. Most passenger cars weigh less than 4000 pounds, and the heaviest SUV comes off the manufacturer’s assembly line weighing around 8000 pounds. So, a flatbed tow truck with a 12,000-pound deck can handle almost any type of passenger vehicle.

But, when you get into towing semi-trucks, what most people don’t realize is the towing capacity of the tow truck that’s required. When you tow a car using a flatbed, it’s as simple as backing up to it, hooking a bridle to the undercarriage of the car, taking the car out of park, and winching it onto the bed of the tow truck. However, in order for our heavy-duty towing division to tow your semi-truck or tandem tractor-trailer, we must use heavy duty tow trucks and specialized equipment. With heavy-duty hauling trucks and equipment, we can handle even the biggest tow jobs, including rollover recovery, container moving, and even loaded trailers.

Your semi-truck may break down due to issues with the engine, a clogged or malfunctioning DPF, brake issues, or numerous sensors and other components. And, regardless of why your tractor trailer breakdown occurred, you need a tow truck and fast. Why the sense of urgency? Because a semi-truck with a trailer that’s stranded roadside is a big obstruction, even if it is on the shoulder of the road. Especially if your big rig is on a busy interstate. Distracted driving causes more accidents than any other reason for a car crash. Imagine you’re sitting in the cab of your truck, and a 20-something dude is driving down the interstate while texting. If he’s traveling at 75 miles per hour, he can travel 100 yards in one second. Now, if he takes his eyes off the road for two seconds to look at a text, there’s a good chance he might accidentally hit the back of your trailer.

So, regardless of the reason for needing your semi-truck towed, you should place a priority on getting help sooner rather than later. If you are a fleet owner who needs commercial towing services in numerous locations throughout the country, I suggest that you contact towing companies in each local and set up a commercial towing account. Going this route is much better than choosing to work with a central clearinghouse for towing service needs. As you will be paying higher prices for heavy duty towing needs, plus you don’t allow yourself to develop high quality relationships with the towing company owners in each area.

Towing Company Rose Hill Texas
Towing Company Rose Hill Texas

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Whether you need a quick tow to the mechanic’s shop or you need us to haul your tractor-trailer hundreds of miles, you can always turn to the team of true professionals at Dallas Towboys Towing. With us by your side, you’ll never have to worry about getting stranded roadside again. Call on us 24 hours a day for towing and roadside assistance.

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Let our decades of towing experience and our certified tow truck operators help you with your semi-truck towing needs. Whether you need tractor-trailer retrieval, repossession, or rollover accident recovery, the Dallas Towboys team of dedicated professionals are standing at the ready, waiting for your call.

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