What Is The Average Tow Cost?

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The Average Tow Cost Dallas

How much does towing cost?

Towing companies have various methods by which they determine the cost of towing for a person who has car breakdown problems. One way of determining the cost for a tow when you need a fast but cheap towing company would be to have a base hook-up fee for the tow and then charging a specific dollar amount for each mile towed.

  • For example: Let’s say the average flatbed tow hook-up fee in Dallas is $85.00 and the average tow cost per mile is $4.00 per mile, and the vehicle was towed 10 miles, then the total cost for the tow would be $125.00.

Does emergency road service cover towing?

Emergency road service can be administered by a roadside assistance insurance company, or you can simply call a local towing company by performing a search on Google. If the question is, “Does your insurance company’s roadside assistance insurance cover towing?” you would need to consult your insurance company for the answer.

Many insurance companies who offer roadside assistance DO cover towing, but there may be limitations on how many tow miles they will cover.

Average Tow Cost Dallas
Average Tow Cost Dallas

How Much Is Roadside Assistance?

The average cost for roadside assistance in Dallas is around $85.00. The cost for towing can be as low as $55.00 and as high as $125.00 or more, depending on the type of towing or roadside assistance you need.

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Average Tow Cost For Trucks

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What Does Roadside Assistance Cover?

Average Tow Cost Dallas

Flat Tire Change

Depending on which insurance company is administering your roadside assistance, you will be covered for a flat tire change. Of course, you will need to have a good spare in order for the tire change to be completed. If you don’t have a spare that will work, then your roadside assistance provider may also cover you for a tow to the nearest tire shop. With that said, many times it can take quite a long time for your insurance company to dispatch a towing service to your car. So, it’s best that you have the number of a trusted towing company near you. Call on Dallas Towboys for flat tire change service in Dallas.

Average Tow Cost Dallas Lockout Service

Car Lockout Service

You can rest assured Dallas, most roadside assistance insurance companies will cover vehicle lockout service. So, if you’ve locked your keys inside your car and are wondering if your roadside assistance will cover the cost of having a professional towing company come to your location and retrieve them for you, you’re in luck. However, your insurance company will NOT compensate you for the time you are required to wait. We believe your time is valuable, so, rather than calling your insurance company’s 800 number for lockout service, call us. When you do, we’ll provide you with a receipt you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Average Tow Cost Dallas Jump Start

Battery Jump Start

One of the most annoying sounds you can hear is “click, click, click” when you’re trying to start your car. The good news is that if you cannot afford to call a towing company to provide a jump start, your insurance company’s roadside assistance will cover a jump start.  The unfortunate part of this scenario is that most dead battery situations happen during the cold of the morning. Meaning, if you’re having difficulty with your battery, so are a bunch of other people in your area. We suggest that, rather than calling your insurance company, pick up the phone and call the Dallas Towboys. We’ll get there fast and get you on your way.

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How much does it cost to tow a car?

Calling a tow truck service to provide towing for your car or truck isn’t something you do on a regular basis. So, having a better understanding of what it will cost to tow your car is good information to have. Having your car towed is not something that you just decide to do on a whim. Usually, requiring a tow is unexpected due to the fact that most car problems are unexpected.

Besides asking how much does it cost to tow a car, you might also want to question how much are the auto repair costs going to be? Of course, you may not have any idea what’s wrong with your vehicle, which makes it very difficult to estimate the cost of repairs. And, this is precisely why you need a tow truck.

Every towing company throughout the Dallas Metro area operates differently. There are no two towing businesses that charge the exact same way. That being said, understanding what the average tow cost in your location is easily ascertained. You can simply pick up the phone and call a few tow companies in your area and ask for the towing rates.

However, you should consider more than just the COST of towing when choosing a towing company. Some unscrupulous tow businesses in the Dallas area incorporate bait-n-switch pricing. They’ll shoot you a low-ball tow rate over the phone and then add on ridiculous charges once the vehicle is loaded onto the wrecker.  Beware of dispatch fees, additional surcharges, and fuel expenses, to name just a few of the tactics used by these fly-by-night towing companies.

And, if you need a towing service in some of the outlying areas surrounding Dallas, we also provide towing services out there. We have dozens of tow trucks and tow truck operators providing towing services everywhere in the Dallas area. So, if you need quality towing service Garland or any of the other suburbs out there, give Dallas Towboys Towing a call.

What is the average cost of towing a car?

The cost of getting your car or truck towed depends on a number of factors. And below are some of the questions a tow company dispatcher will ask.

  • How far will the towing company need to travel to get to your location?
  • What kind of car do you drive and what kind of problems are you experiencing?
  • How many miles will your car need to be towed? What’s the tow destination?
  • Was your car involved in an accident? Do you also need accident recovery services?

The average cost for towing a car in the Dallas area is about $125.00. However, the towing rates may be higher if you require a tow at nights and weekends or on holidays.

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